Review of Asana Rebel Yoga app

Exercise has always been a part of my life and over the course of the past 20+ years, I’ve tried all manner of exercises to find one that was my perfect fit. One that I could stick with consistently and that would both make me look and feel good.

There’s no ‘one size fits all’…

One thing I’ve learned about exercise over these years, is that everyone is different and the key to sticking with it is to find one that you enjoy. In my bid to find one that floated my own personal boat, I tried everything. From cycling, walking, swimming, bouncing around in the gym (yuk!), Tabata, HiiT, running, Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, Tae Kwondo, Kung Fu…the list goes on. I have taken to some more than others (namely martial arts, Pilates and swimming) and others I tend to pick up then drop then pick up again because they’re ‘meant to be good for me’ like running (I’m not what you’d call ‘a natural runner’!). But there’s none I’ve tried where I actually (dare I say) look forwards to doing it, or gained a true sense of reward from it. Therefore, I quickly lost interest and fell out of my routine, again.

trainers water weights

The desire to feel good, again

Anyone who visits my blog often enough will know that this year my fitness journey has been marred by a troublesome shoulder injury. In fact, I’d go so far as to say some activities actually contributed to the problem (namely HiiT). I ended up having to have acupuncture twice and physio (read my blog on acupuncture here!). This injury really got me down. It made me feel old – which I didn’t like, not one bit. But it also made me address some other issues which had been building. I felt it was time to stop focusing on exercise just as a means to be body fit and start to look at it as doing something which actually makes me feel good again. Hiit may work, but it also made me miserable. And life’s too short to be miserable. So it was time to do something which benefitted my health yet made me feel good.

woman doing yoga at surise

Enter the Asana Rebel Yoga App

I first discovered this app as an ad in my Facebook feed and initially ignored it as I didn’t want to do Yoga. I’d done it many years ago and found the teachers to be a little patronising. I much preferred Pilates. However, the name caught my attention: Asana REBEL. Curiosity won, so I decided to give it a go.

For the first few weeks, I just used the free basic version of the app – as I didn’t foresee myself really sticking with it. But after a while I was so hooked, I signed up for the full year. Here’s my review of the app and what I discovered.

asana rebel yoga homepage

Work out where you want, when you want, for how long you want.

Firstly, this app isn’t geared towards the super-bendy Yogi types. It’s geared towards everyday people like me. Those who are starting out on their yoga-fitness journey and seeking to improve themselves. However, for those of you who are thinking “yoga can’t be that hard” – don’t be fooled! There are programs on this app that really leave you sweating and feeling challenged! As for people who say they have no time to workout, there are options to do just a 5 minute workout. And being an Iphone app means it is portable. So you can knock out a quick workout anywhere. All you need is your phone, your mat and a little bit of space. No more excuses!

Unlike some apps I’ve tried where you have to do it everyday or you annoyingly lose all your progress, Asana Rebel is different.You do it when you want to, when you can fit it in.


One thing I really liked about this app is you earn a green dot (complete with falling confetti – which is cute!) and a ‘You are awesome!’ for every workout you complete – its such a nice touch! Who doesn’t like a bit of praise?! And it doesn’t matter if you skip a day or a week, you don’t lose out. It’s a great way to track your progress, not to mention a real motivational booster. It makes you want to do more. There is a countdown clock within each program which in many other exercises, my focus has very much been on watching that countdown and not really enjoying the workout. Not so in Asana Rebel. The time is up before you know it.

Asana rebel yoga confetti screen

Getting personal

There are several workout options you can choose, depending on how you feel on any given day. With the free version you receive 2 new workouts daily and have a choice from about 6 other full workouts. With the full version you get some enhanced features such as personalised coaching tips and custom workout plans. Choose from a quick 5 minute session or the full workout depending on how much time you can spare that day. There are also different subscription packages available. It is all really tailored to get you results at your convenience.

An exercise for a better sex life?! Bring it on!

There are also a wide variety programs which target different results in the body like strengthen your back, core workouts for your abs, relaxation workouts and even ones for better sex! A handy description lets you know what you’re in for, beforehand. Each workout falls into the categories cardio, flow and strength. You can sign up for a coaching course like a 6 week bikini body or the 8 weeks fat burn, but you still get to decide how many times a week you want to workout. Excuse the pun, but it’s so flexible!

asana rebel yoga app personal profile screen

Setting the pace

There are further settings in your personal profile, where you can tailor the app to your preferences. Here, you can also clearly see your progress and workout history. It tells you how many workouts you’ve completed and what categories they fall into, how long spent doing yoga and calories burned. It also handily links to your health app on your iphone for more control and data.

the video in asana rebel yoga app

The look and feel

I really like the whole aesthetic of this app. The tone is pitched perfectly. Unlike many other fitness apps that are videoed on a beach in some paradise-like place, these videos are well-filmed and shot in different ‘real’ locations, which, not only makes it seem more accessible but also keeps it interesting. For example, there are the beachy ones, but there’s also the ones shot in a muted-coloured studio, in a parking lot, on a bridge, down an alley!

It has a very modern, clean, youthful feeling. It’s like giving Yoga a makeover! The voice coach is really easy to understand, encouraging and friendly. I feel motivated through my entire daily routine. There’s no hippie feeling anywhere! The voice also gives you valuable information as to what each pose is beneficial for, which I particularly found interesting. You nailed it, Asana rebel!

woman doing yoga

The downsides

There have been some reports of issues with the upgrades, like people not receiving their green dots for accomplishing a workout, or the skip preview function not really working properly. For this reason, I have opted not to upgrade my app, as I like the way it works now. But I have to say, the minute the team know about any issues, they’re on them. The customer support is absolutely spot on. They seem to strive to make the app better.

I would prefer if the ‘workout of the day’ was at the top of the homescreen – along with the daily 5 minute workout essentials video – as opposed to being at the bottom after the menu for all the other workouts. I forget that it’s there!

Being picky

Others have requested the desire the ability to hook it up with chrome cast so they can watch it on their TVs – I personally prefer the flexibility of being able to choose where I want to do my daily session.

The only other slightly negative comment – and I’m being a bit picky here – I have seen a few people commenting that you have to pay the subscription fee upfront and that a monthly one would work better for them. But if splitting hairs is what I have to do to find a negative thing about this app, I think it’s doing pretty good. It really is a cracking app!

woman doing yoga

Being Social

Social Media is undoubtedly a useful tool. It allows you to stay in touch with people you wouldn’t normally see (like my friend Maria in Australia!) But it can sometimes drive me a little crazy with all the negativity people post. It can really put a dark cloud over your day – if you allow it to. For this reason, I am always a little bit sceptical to join groups on these platforms.

Fellow rebels

That being said, I did join a group for fellow Asana Rebels and it’s an incredibly positive, supportive place. We all have a common interest and whether it’s advice you seek or you just want to share your progress or achievements, the other ‘Rebels’ always applaud you and spur you on. The incredibly warm Julia Bell is the person who runs this group and she is super supportive of everyone in the group. She is also very responsive if someone has an issue with their app. The team at Asana Rebel continuously strive to improve the app and frequently ask – via the facebook group, for opinions, ideas etc in order to perfect this almost perfect app.

Achieving goals

I have genuinely enjoyed using this app. I may have initially decided to work out for 3 days a week but this handy little app has had me doing every single day. That’s unheard of for me! No other exercise program has got me working out every day for 100 days consecutively, I can tell you. And I’m showing no sign of giving up either. I am genuinely excited to see where it will take me. This app has surpassed every one of my expectations. I am more flexible, far stronger and feel leaner than I have done in a long time. Also, I feel balanced. Not to mention I have become somewhat obsessed with getting my green dot! Bizarrely, I actually look forwards to my daily yoga session. I definitely can’t say the same for going for a run!

100 days of asana rebel completed


As for results, these are obviously different for everyone. People share their progress in the Facebook groups and some are very noticeable. Personally, my weight hasn’t changed and neither have my measurements. I haven’t suddenly got the body of a Victoria’s Secret model. But my clothes do fit better, my muscles are leaner and definitely more defined and, most importantly, it leaves me feeling great. Shoulder injury – what shoulder injury?! In all my years of martial arts, I have never had such toned arms as I have now – no bingo wings for me!

Good health

This app has helped me get back to better health, which is exactly what I needed. I am far stronger, both physically and mentally. The daily self-love boost it has provided me with was exactly what I needed when I started out. Lo and behold, it’s even targeted that stubborn layer of belly fat that I was beginning to put down to genetics (as no other exercise has touched it)…Bonus!


To sum up, Asana Rebel – You are awesome!

I would recommend this app to anyone who wants to improve their fitness and flexibility levels. It boosts the mood and lifts the spirits. I never ‘got’ yoga before but, thanks to this app, I very much do now. Here’s to the next 100 days!

If you decide to try the Asana Rebel Yoga inspired fitness app, let me know your thoughts.


**Just to be clear.

This review is my own opinion and I have no affiliations with the makers of this app. This post is not endorsed nor sponsored by the makers. It is my honest opinion of my own experience with the Asana Rebel app and is based over the last 100+ days.**



This review was written quite some time ago. Since they updated, I lost all my data and the changes no longer suited me, so I chose to no longer partake in the app.


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