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Hi friends, I’m Claire: Wife, Mother of 2 girls, creative designer, business woman, health conscious and curious minded…this is my journey to become Oh Fabulous Me.

Oh Fabulous Me is a lifestyle blog dedicated to the aspirationals amongst us who are working to make all their pieces fall into place. Join me on my journey to be the best of me…to become ‘Oh Fabulous Me’.

I’m not an expert, but this is my story. I like to call it ‘fortyplus & finally falling into place…’ Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes serious. It’s my life’s quest to promote more positivity in the world. To find not only better health, better sleep, fitness and nutrition but to find bits of myself, as I meander along the way, too. I hope by my sharing it with you, it inspires and helps you to reconnect with your passion, re-ignite your mindset/spirit and re-energise your confidence in order to live a life full of “I can and I will” attitude. You have all the resources you need within you so nothing is stopping you – but you! If I can do it so can you…!

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A little about me:

I love a good laugh and am a bit of a daredevil. My style and personality is a bit quirky and edgy –  a bit rock n’ roll meets chameleon. I love the feeling of the sun on my bones – it’s my kind of therapy. I have a tendency to attract the odd and funny things just seem to happen to me…

My Favourite things in life: My little girls laughter • London • exercise • books • sunshine • inspiringly good design • Heinz tomato ketchup • Manchester • creativity • blue sky • my little family • Greek Islands • Assam tea • martial arts • winning my first design award  • good shoes, hats & sunglasses • Ibiza • my daily coffee • water • music • travel • red wine • British eccentricity • oceans/seas • yachts • dolphins • feeling my little girls hand in mine…♥︎

My dislikes: Bullying. In any form. Bad manners – it’s just lazy. The word ‘Hate’. The lost art of conversation over dinner (with people who are rudely permanently attached to their phones). Winter.

The philosophy which underpins your life: There’s a positive in every negative. Happy is my default (its better than the alternative). Life is a learning curve. We are only visitors on this planet – so look after it! Always mix your drinks. Rock n’ roll!

Best description of you which someone ever gave: I have two: ‘I am quietly mad’. Not really sure why – there’s nothing ‘quiet’ about me. I love eccentricity in people as it makes them more interesting and adds colour to life! More recently, a very famous Rock Star told me that I look like a Rock Star! Bonus!

This blog may be tales of my journey but I hope it can inspire yours. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to receive more hints,  tips and spread positivity. And remember: Only you can turn your can’t’s into cans and your dreams into plans.


Ps. Do get in touch and share your story – we all have one!